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Every individual ever born is here for a purpose. Some people who follow their passion are in continuous alignment with their purpose. We are so pre-occupied with the things that lead us away from our true purpose that we spend years of our lives figuring out what we are ought to do. "Once we find our purpose and are aligned with it, every day we will lead a life of contentment and true happiness." 

Take control of



You are a unique individual with unique qualities of your own. What happens when you give the steering of your life in other people's hands?

Since childhood, we are told to follow the crowds and follow what others are doing.

It is never too late to take control of your own life.

"All the people who have accomplished great things in life, all the awesome inventions and discoveries were made by people who followed their heart."

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                  Zinnie Kohli


Bridge into the Woods
Stop Fearing
Start Loving


When we love ourselves completely we get an immense power to face our conscious and subconscious fears. Most of the people are raised in such a way that they have deep fears embedded since childhood. Either a memory, smell or incident can trigger it. "The Mantra is to embrace the fear, acknowledge it and give it all your love. Ultimately love is always greater than fear. "

Make Authentic Choices


We are so occupied in proving others we are the best that somewhere our authenticity is lost. With social media on our minds at all the time, we seek approval of random people who do not even matter to us.

"Dare to be authentic and dare to be true you will see amazing things happen." 

Remove the Facade


Surrender to your true self and remove the facade that you have created for the convenience of other people. Remember that the facade will hide you and your real self, it will make you who you are not. 

We are all here for our unique destiny and purpose.

Just do the things you are best at doing. We all know that a fish cannot climb a tree and a turtle cannot run fast. 











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